Enjoy the great taste of Caffè Rojano in the comfort of your own home

We offer a collection service on all dishes shown on the menu below.

Collection is available seven days a week, from 12pm-10pm. To place your order please call us on 01841 532 796.


Our sourdough pizzas are served with Campana buffalo milk mozzarella on a traditional Italian base, with San Marzano tomatoes


San Marzano tomato, fresh basil



Salami, peppers, green chillies, jalapeños



Mascarpone, garlic oil, spinach, olives, soft boiled St. Ewe egg, grated nutmeg


Pollo piccante 

Spiced chicken, red onion, garlic, chilli, roquito peppers, goats’ cheese



Parma ham, soft boiled St. Ewe egg, basil



A white base with crème fraiche, garlic and parsley

St. Ewe Egg, carmalised White onion, pickled red onion, pancetta bacon, aged Parmigiano-Reggiano



Gorgonzola, portabello mushrooms, parma ham,
aged balsamic, rocket, lemon zest


Festa di carne

Beef ragu, Salami, Parma ham, Spinata, basil



Corn over coals

Chimichurri dressing


Red & white coleslaw

Chipotle, sweetcorn, coriander, lime, sour cream


Fried potatoes

Seaweed, rosemary, triple mustard mayonnaise 


Salty skinny fries


Lollo Rosso and Oakleaf salad

Olive oil, lemon and parmesan