Our Dad Dave Ainsworth was working on the Isle of Wight as a telephone engineer, when his boss approached him and told him that there was a job in Seychelles with cable and wireless and if he would like to take it. My Dad had never heard of Seychelles before and didn’t know where it was so he said to his boss “I will think about it and let you know”

My Dad was still living with his Mum and Dad in Totton, Southampton, UK, so when he went home that weekend he was telling his Mum and Dad about it, and at that same time his Mum and Dad’s friends (Fred and Myrtle) were there at the same time, so Fred said to my Dad “You have told him yes haven’t you? that place is paradise in the Indian ocean, people pay a fortune to go there”.

On the Monday my Dad went into work and told his boss he will take the job, so it was July 1976 my Dad arrived on the island of Mahe, Seychelles and started working for cable and wireless. He had been there a month when he met my Mum in August 1976.

Dad was in Seychelles for 1 year, that is where Mum and Dad fell in love on the beautiful island of Mahe, Mum was working for Barclay’s International, that is where Dad just saw her and always told me and my sister Michelle, from that moment, he knew he was going to marry her.

A year later they got married in Southampton back in the UK. I was born 2 years later and my little sister 7 years later. Mum and Dad were married for 39 years.