cod (kelp cured & steamed)

seaweed quaver ~ vin jeaune beurre blanc

raw scallop (nigiri)

sand shrimp slaw ~ katsobushi

crapaudine beetroot

pomme anna ~ aged baerii caviar (n25)

“today’s scone”


organic goose liver

carrot ketchup ~ smoked eel

smoked haddock

‘quiche lorraine’

red onion fondant (miso tart tatin)

salt baked celeriac ~ goat’s curd


chicken ‘tournedos rossini’

toasted corn ~ roast chicken sauce

fillet of beef (aged fat ~ raw ~ caramalised)

carrot over embers ~ bacon bearnaise (for two)

wild turbot (cornish waters)

pearl barley risotto ~ padstow crab stick

all of the duck (sladesdown farm)

umeboshi condiment ~ steamed dumpling

cheese ‘n’ onion (inspirations of tayto)

preserved black truffle (26/02/20) ~ baked potato tea


“yesterday’s scone”

cheese (two hoots farm)

barkham blue ~ apple pie

compañero baba

lapsang crème ~ english cherries

chocolate (tulakalum 75% grand cru)

silcilian pistachio sponge ~ caramac sauce

a fairground tale (for two)

“ainsworth and son est 1947” (£10 per person supplement)

for lunch

4 courses for £75

for dinner

4 courses for £85