I have a couple of wicked tips that are not only quick and easy but deliver massive flavour using a few cupboard essentials.

  1. For a sticky and salty/sweet glaze a simple reduction of honey and soy sauce (equal measures) is my go-to recipe. Reduce to about a third and brush liberally after grilling.
  2. When grilling meat on the bone (pork chops, chicken wings or thighs) or larger cuts (whole chicken or duck breast) I like to give the meat a light brine beforehand. A simple brine made from Cornish sea salt, water and perhaps a few aromatics depending on the meat you are using for example thyme, bruised garlic, cracked bay leaves and crushed peppercorns, are a great foundation. Leave to marinade for about an hour, remove, then give the meat a quick rinse, pat dry and get grilling!
  3. My go-to marinade is made from a couple hundred ml’s of extra virgin olive oil, a bunch of roughly chopped thyme and rosemary, the zest and juice of a lemon plus a few cloves of crushed garlic, seasoned well with salt and black pepper. This will pretty much compliment any piece of meat, fish or vegetable before it hits the charcoal.