Small Plates

Chargrilled Campaillou rye sourdough, aged balsamic and extra virgin olive oil – £5.00

Cornish 1-year old vintage rarebit on toast – £6.50

Giarraffa olives, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, thyme – £6.50

‘Margarita on grilled toast’ tomato fondue, buffalo mozzarella, basil & 36-month aged parmesan – £10.00

Greek salad, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, roasted almonds, olives, feta, basil – £6.00/10.00

Large Plates

Croque Madame, Cornish rarebit, fried St. Ewe hen’s egg and salty skinny fries – £8.00

Spice roast cauliflower, cous-cous, cucumber yoghurt, raisins – £12.00

Goan Masala ‘South Indian style curry’ char grilled hispi cabbage, our naan bread, kachumba, braised rice – £15.00


Hispi cabbage, cheddar & mustard – £4.50

Baby gem salad, 36-month aged parmesan, extra virgin olive oil, lemon – £4.50

Carrot, swede, Cornish butter, cracked black pepper & nutmeg – £5.00

Rock triple cooked chips, truffle mayonnaise, 36-month aged parmesan – £7.00

& Custard

Chocolate orange ‘Angel Delight’ banana crumble – £6.50

Golden syrup steamed brown butter pudding, slow cooked lemon – £6.50

The Mariners ‘3 apples & rhubarb’ crumble, caramelised pecans – £8.00